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Dear Tanesha,

Please get over stuff! For real. I know that you are an overachiever, but it's really time for you to get over the STUFF that does NOT matter the most. You are annoyed because your classroom doesn't look like the ones on Pinterest, and your activities don't "look" as fun, and the list goes on and on.
No, you don't have your "own" classroom you rotate. The kids in the classrooms you travel to need you. 
Yes, all your school boxes are still home. You can take what you need, when you need it. 
No, you aren't going to have a classroom that is fit for Pinterest. That's not why you teach. 
I get it, there are a lot of things that are bothering you, but please stay grounded in what your students actually need. If you don't you're going to be a living version of Taco Town from the Saturday Night Live skit! For your memory, I've included the video below!
You don't see the connection??? Let me remind you. This video starts with three friends enjoying a taco, and then a voice comes out of nowhere and wants to add to it, and add to it, and add to it until it's basically inedible and quite frankly a mess. Here's the connection, you're frustrated there are so many THINGS you want to do, but can't right now. As a result, you are creating problems without purpose. Your students, families and colleagues LOVE YOU! You don't have full control over the curriculum, but your school makes an admirable effort with being culturally responsive. You do with best with what you have and students genuinely enjoy your classes.

Remember, the stuff on the walls is not going to teach the kids. This isn't about YOU it's about what's best for kids, and you're blessed to teach them!

Stay Gold,

Tanesha Forman
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